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neither fish nor fowl

the personal website of ex-urban outfitters art director jim datz. very talented designer making some innovating things. i suggest you spend some time digging around his site, there is a lot of quality work worth […]

urban forest project

design times square: the urban forest project 185 students displaying banners they created celebrating nature within the urban setting. very cool little art installation on display in midtown manhattan starting september 1st. after the project […]

the human agency

updates with a new site and new work. worth spending a minute or ten on their site. very impressive stuff. you know the drill, click on the picture and get ready to be impressed.

firefox crop circle

eight oregon state university linux users group (OSULUG) students are celebrating firefox’s 200 millionth download with a 45,000-square foot crop circle. looks painstakingly fun. click the picture to read all about it. there’s even a […]

dont box me in

jason snyder is from new jersey. he makes kick ass art. clicky the piccy to check out all of his work, you’d be stupid not to…

goodby silverstein hp campaign – pharrell williams

the new(ish) hp spot by motion theory for goodby silverstein and partners features none other than the n.e.r.d. himeself, pharrell williams. you might recall older spots of theirs featuring jay-z and another featuring shaun white, […]

modern ant farm

very cool. sure aint your daddys ant farm!! you too can watch ants crawl around all day in a space-age gel created by nasa.

people at costco

let me ask a question. do the people that go to costco lose all sense of motor skills and logic that they have learned throughout the years? what is wrong with that place? its like […]