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speaking of information —

if you are even remotely interested in information, data, facts and numbers – let me introduce you to nicholas felton – aka – feltron. not only is he obsessive with his info gathering, he has a […]

information overload

goodby, silverstein & partners gives us a plethora of information wrapped up into one graphic website for an onslaught of information. this site was created to promote sprint’s mobile broadband card and gives you data on everything […]

radiohead plus jay-z equals…

…jaydiohead, of course. i know mashups can be hit or miss, but this one definitely has some shelf-life. very well done mashup of radiohead and jay-z, free for download, courtesy of minty fresh beats. if […]

the journal of urban typography

the journal of urban typography is a great tumblr site that has found typography from various urban areas. great for type addicts and breaking some creative blocks. from the elegant to the uh, not-so-elegant — […]

a short visual history of videogames

excellent 3D, after effects and compositing work by 21 year old kyle downes from melbourne, australia. be sure to check out his other work on his site here and also be sure to visit his […] – collaborative public opinions

urtek is a wonderful trip into the world of info-voyeurism . imagine a completely anonymous forum to voice your opinion on the most random of questions, then instantaneous poll results presented in pie-chart-fashion. you can even […]

2009 – now with more words!

yeah, yeah, i know you’ve heard it before. even as recently as three posts (yet over a half-a-year-ago) ago. but this time i’m determined to talk to a bunch of random people – some i […]