Alice and Kev – An experiment with The Sims 3


What do you get when you put a homeless father & daughter into The Sims 3 game with no money or food, giving the father traits of a crazy, mean spirited old man and the daughter traits of a kind young girl with low self esteem? You get Alice and Kev! This virtual social experiment has become a play-by-play of the daily lives of this father and daughter trying to make it with absolutely nothing. The blog is run by Robin Burkinshaw, a game design student based in the UK. It’s usually updated daily and will feature a group of events that happened to either Alice, Kev or both from the previous day.

Now, before you dismiss it – give it a shot. I thought it couldn’t even be remotely interesting – but you will grow to love the characters, the trials and tribulations they go through and the other strange people they meet. Keep in mind, these characters are running on ‘auto-pilot’ – meaning they are rarely interfered with… and THAT’S what makes it so interesting. The things they do, the relationships they form, the fights they get into – they are all done on the intuition of the character!

You can start with the introduction or you can jump right in to the first post. They also post when the blog updates via their Twitter account here. Definitely one you will want to check regularly!


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