The Art Of The Title Sequence

Art Of The Title

Often unnoticed, movie titles are (usually) a lost art. The Art Of The Title Sequence aims to give movie titles and their creators the credit they deserve.

With in-depth interviews with producers, directors, title-designers, animators and the such, Art Of The Title Sequence shines a light on many nuances of often overlooked — but necessary — pieces of movie greatness. Giving insight into otherwise unknown tidbits of information, you can learn a lot about the process and thought that goes into these works of art. Opening sequences have suddenly become more than just a few lonely text blocks fading in and out of the first few minutes – these featurettes are becoming epic novellas that tell their own story and give a peek into the upcoming motion picture you are about to witness.

Definitely one to add to your RSS readers, be sure to subscribe to their feed here and if email subscriptions are more your speed, you can find their link here. Well worth it, as this blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites – and I’m sure it will be one of yours as well. They also have a podcast which truth be told, I have yet to listen to – but if you care to do so, you can find that link here. And if Twitter is more your speed, you can find them over here.

Unfortunately, they do little to illustrate what would happen if Saul Bass were to design the opening credits of Star Wars. Luckily, I have the elite resources these people do not (read: YouTube) and I diligently searched for something for you. So without further adieu, I present to you…

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