Disposable email: MailDrop


Have you ever wanted to sign up for a website or online store but were afraid of receiving tons of SPAM? Well, now you can! The awesome (and FREE) service MailDrop now gives you the ability to get a free “disposable” email address (did I mention that it’s FREE?!) that is designed for very short term use. By short term, I mean if the mailbox receives no messages within 24 hours, it is deleted. There are no signups, no passwords, no hassles. Give it a whirl next time you sign up for a new service and are worried about your email address getting sold to that Russian mail order bride company. 😉

The Great Gatsby visual effects

Ahhh, the magic of the movies. Suspension of disbelief is getting greater and greater with the advancement of digital effects in modern-day movies. The Great Gatsby is no exception. In this great little four minute video put together by the VFX supervisor on the film Chris Godfrey, you can see the before and after shots comparing the green-screen work and its composited counterpart. Really gives you a great look at the detailed work that went into making this film.

Neuronal Synchrony

WHat do you get when you cross neurons with dynamically created computer graphics alongside blissfully hypnotic music? Neuronal Synchrony — that’s what. It was created by Jono Brandel, an artist and designer living in San Franscisco who is a part of the Google Data Arts Team. The graphics are dynamically rendered SVG’s into a browser window via a Monome 128 controller that is triggered by Brandel. I highly advise watching the video on full screen, in the highest of definition your monitor can handle. Then sit back and enjoy the show!

Type Diff

Type Diff
Type Diff (or Tiff for short) is a VERY handy little tool that allows you to visually see the difference between two fonts by overlaying two different typefaces of your choice. If you obsess over type like I do, then you will find this tool to be great when deciding what faces to use in your next web project. Currently the tool supports all system fonts and the entire Google Webfont library, so you’re sure to find something you like on here. Check it out and bookmark this great resource!

Meet The Ipsums

Meet The Ipsums
Meet the Ipsums is a fun little site where all ipsums come together. Seriously, there are dozens of ipsums — from the serious to the funny to the ridiculous — they’re all there. It’s a great bookmark-able site that will help you out when comping up those layouts for your clients. Check it out!

Photoshop CS5 Filters Animation

Cool little video showing off all of the Photoshop CS5 filters. Created by Barcelona-based design studio, Device, the video is crazy 2-minute ride complete with flashing lights, random patterns (ha!) and excellent sound design to match each filter. They also set up a Tumblr showcasing each animation as an animated gif, so be sure to check out Photoshop CS5 Filters Animation.

The Pixel Painter

Hal Lasko is a long-retired typographer from Rocky River, Ohio. At 97 years old, he has been making pixel-art in Microsoft Paint for the last 15 years – and while most pixel-art leaves a lot to be desired, Hal’s work has a certain quality to it that shows his true artistic talent. This video is a short film directed by his grandson Josh – and it will leave you inspired and emotional.

Resize That Sh………

Resize That Sh.it

Resize That Sh.it is a new, fun little web game. Billed as a responsivley [sic] designed jigsaw puzzle for the browsing elite – the objective is to resize a browser window containing a mixed up image and the only way to move on to the next level is to let the pieces flow into the right spots. Solid web-nerd fun here, so give it a go!

99 Problems Illustrated

99 Problems

99 Problems is a daily illustration blog illustrating the problems Jay-Z has in his song “99 Problems.” Put together and illustrated by Ali Graham, this great Tumblr site (they have a Twitter account, too!) adds a little humor to all of the problems in the song. Be sure to start at the bottom and work your way up!