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Sonar – by Renaud Hallée

Feast your eyes on this beautiful Flash animation by Renaud Hallée. Hypnotizing yet soothing visuals this good are usually scripted or done by other fancy mumbo-jumbo – but not here! Renaud painstakingly hand-animated each object on the screen using nothing but the timeline. My words do not do it justice, so just go check it out.

Four Letter Words

Four Letter Words is an arrangement of fluorescent light fixtures as an alphabet controlled by algorithms. Consisting of four units, each one is capable of displaying all 26 letters of the alphabet. The piece displays […]

speaking of information —

if you are even remotely interested in information, data, facts and numbers – let me introduce you to nicholas felton – aka – feltron. not only is he obsessive with his info gathering, he has a […]

information overload

goodby, silverstein & partners gives us a plethora of information wrapped up into one graphic website for an onslaught of information. this site was created to promote sprint’s mobile broadband card and gives you data on everything […]