Food Typography by Danielle Evans

Spicy by Danielle Evans
Food Typography is a wonderful little project devoted to the amazing typographic stylings of Danielle Evans. A part-time letterer since college, Danielle eventually doodled her way into a full-fledged campaign for Target.

These food-based masterpieces started out of frustration due to her freelance work stalling and for her desire to create something that made her truly happy. Seeing as she didn’t get the fulfillment she wanted from her every day work, she tapped into her long time passion of hand-lettering — creating these tasty temporary masterpieces — and using food allowed her to be in the moment and make casual edits on the fly. Working physically and temporally, she lets the pieces drive themselves – and if one turns out less than perfect, it can be gone with a quick swath of the hand.

Check out this video for a nice little short on her and the project she did for Target –

Simply amazing attention to detail – all from everyday food products!

Danielle Evans - Unbleached

Danielle Evans - Unbleached detail

Danielle Evans - French

Danielle Evans - French detail

In addition to her expertise with food products, Danielle is a highly talented designer as well. Be sure to stop by her site Marmalade Blue and check out all of her stuff! While you’re at it, you should follow her on Twitter – she’s one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with.

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