Random Quick Tip – Adobe Guide Snap

Presenting a new series I’ll be featuring on here every so often… Random Quick Tip will be very quick, very basic tips meant for the beginner or someone looking to gain new tips they might not have known. Intermediate to advanced people, these aren’t for you! Basically, I want to share some of the best “secret” tips I’ve found over the years that have really helped out my workflow. So, with that said, I’d like to jump right in to the first one — Adobe Guide Snap.

Illustrator Guide Snap

If you are a precision NUT like me, then you are really going to appreciate this. In virtually any of the Adobe Creative Suite apps, hold down the shift key while dragging a new ruler guide (either before you click or after, it doesn’t matter) – and as soon as you hit the shift key, the guide will snap to each ruler tick. This works for both horizontal AND vertical guides, at any zoom level when rulers are used and will always snap to whatever ruler increment is visible (ie: more ticks the further you’re zoomed in). This handy little tip will keep your margins and live areas precise!


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