speaking of information —


if you are even remotely interested in information, data, facts and numbers – let me introduce you to nicholas felton – aka – feltron. not only is he obsessive with his info gathering, he has a way of graphically displaying it all in a beautiful,well organized and aesthetically pleasing way. working with graphics every day, i personally know how hard it is to keep data organized and also easy on the eyes at the same time. spend some time digesting the 2008 annual report (as well as the older ones) and you will find endless slices of data from his year. sounds boring? think again – it is wonderfully served up into interesting bite-sized pieces that rope you in. you can order his print versions for $5 if the on-screen experience just isn’t doin’ it for you. nicholas’ other project, daytum, will eventually allow you to start keeping track of your own life data, but i say eventually since it is still a closed, private beta at this time. nicholas, if you are reading this – drop me a line, i’d love to …ahem… check out daytum!

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