Tame your brush collection with Brush Pilot


The Photoshop® gods have finally answered the calls of the wild, untamed brush jungle!! Actually, this great little app has nothing to do with the fine folks at Adobe – rather it’s from Mr. Jay Hilgert, better known as BittBox. As if providing us with endless amounts of free textures and brushes wasn’t enough, his latest effort is an app to keep things a bit organized. Brush Pilot is a very affordable $15 and can bring some sanity to your brush collection by providing scalable previews of all your brush collections. It will automatically find your brush folder and search out all of your collections, display them as only a Mac app could and also let you delete those crappy ones you downloaded and thought you would use .

Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I spent $15 and was so happy about it. Make like the wind and show Jay a little love over at http://www.brushpilotapp.com/. If your brush collection is even remotely like mine, you will be indebted forever!! Also, be sure to follow BittBox and Brush Pilot on Twitter.

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